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The Center Suites, a two-storey Pension House located at the logistical Center of Cebu. A unique pension house that serves more to tourists, travelers, locals and visitors of the City of Cebu.

Apart from quality accommodations provided for both long staying and short staying guests, we also offer function services for business clients through our specially designed Board Room, Lounge and Roof-Deck Bistro.

The Center Suites is inspired by the prelature of the Roman Catholic Church: Opus Dei, which is an institution that has set up Centers all over the world to help men and women to become saints in their daily and ordinary lives through the teachings of St. Jose Maria Escriva.

Thus, we are in our own way a Center, a refuge for travelers, families, and groups who seek a place of peace in their duration of visit in the Seat of Christianity in the Philippines:  CEBU.


The Center Suites is located in a place of CEBU City where all popular destinations is either 15 minutes away or one jeepney-ride away.

The building is near important places such as hospitals, churches, banks, and even malls. One need not go too far to find a food establishment or a convenient store. Everything is highly accessible.

Quality Guest Service

The Pension House imbibes in its staff the principles of ideals of a great teacher: Jose Maria Escriva. The staff are all developed under the motto of “Bene Omnia Facere” or “Do all Things Well,” which further fortifies the promise for genuine quality customer service.

Super Security

Our 24/7 CCTV online monitoring of every aspect of the building both external and internal, allows us to give our guests the assurance of constant security. This is also paired with our hourly roving personnel, strict security regulations implementation and our unique family friendly policies*.




Symbolizes our promise of providing more than just an accommodation; our promise of a home away from your own.

Also strongly resembles the nativity scene, a reminder of the great sense of hospitality in the time of great need of the traveler Jesus, Mary and Joseph.


Widely known in the Christian culture as Mother Mary or Mater Dei (Mother of God).

Symbolizes one of the strongest forms of love compassion shown in humankind: a mother’s love to her child and is our model for compassion to our guests.

Also connotes our aim to become like the great example: Mother Mary, in her sense of love, faith, hope, fortitude, obedience, and humility. These are what make up The Center Suites Family (staff and all).


Often seen in Christian Cultures as the great Messiah prophesied in ancient scriptures.

Symbolizes our simple, humble, and cheerful nature but also carrying a deep sense of greatness and potential in every Center Suites family member.

Also symbolizes The Center Suites family’s call to be child-like in heart, thus to be pure, simple, honest and innocent.


Grace, beauty, and uniqueness is what makes the ancient art of “Shu fa” or Chinese Calligraphy an immortal classical art.

With every stroke of the brush, a unique character is created, a mark in the universe never to be copied or repeated again.

Just as a character, unique in this world was written, the beauty which is the Center Suites, a company is born in Cebu, truly unique in its nature.


With Christ as our example we live by His teachings and principles.

We therefore live by AMDG (Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam) which is to do all things for the Greater Glory of God!

We strive to become saints in our daily lives by doing ordinary things extraordinarily. We then live by the motto: Bene Omnia Facere! Do All Things Well!

Contrary to the common definition of service which is “Customer satisfaction”, we live by the true definition of service as our Lord has shown, to give one’s self to another. THAT is the true spirit of service.

Serviam! I will serve!

Company Color:  BROWN

The color brown is a serious, down-to-earth color signifying stability, structure and support.

Relating to the protection and support of the family unit, with a keen sense of duty and responsibility, brown takes its obligations seriously, it encourages a strong need for security and a sense of belonging, with family and friends being of utmost importance.

The color brown relates to quality in everything — a comfortable home, the best food and drink and loyal companionship. It is a color of physical comfort, simplicity and quality.

In color psychology, brown is honest, genuine and sincere. It relates to the hardworking, the industrious and reliable, with both feet planted firmly on the ground.


We are a premier full-service suites in the Queen City of the South that offers unparalleled experience of service and finest accommodation at affordable rates following the motto, Bene Omnia Facere which is, doing all things well.


To our Valued Guests

To provide excellent service to our guests comparable to a hotel by creating a home-like ambiance and to exceed their expectations by providing them service that comes from the heart and an exciting experience to look forward to in their next stay.

To the Employees

To mold The Center Suites staff with the proper values in providing exceptional service, integrity, teamwork, respect, to be God-fearing, to be passionate to their work and to have an open communication and harmony with each other.

To the Community

To improve our social responsibility to the community by following the laws and principles governed and imposed by the government.

To be an environment-friendly establishment through proper waste disposal and environmental stewardship with social responsibility.


Brief History

The Center Suites had a soft opening on the 28th of May, 2012.

A grand opening followed on August 11, 2012 with the final completion of structure of the entire Pension House.

Construction began in year 2011 with ground breaking of the lot after a strong calling to follow the vocation of hospitality and service.

*   No instant-couple policy.

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