The Center Suites Building

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Here’s a rough panoramic shot of the Center Suites. The building sports a rather modern look as it tries to let go of the usual rectangular structure. It holds with it a new feel, some sort of a rhomboid-trapezoid structure due to the rich variations of lines spread throughout the anterior surface.

During broad daylight the building does not show much for anything excessively luxurious but if one were to take a good look, one can truly appreciate the beauty of simplicity imbibed in the building’s design.

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, if a building looks good outside, get ready to see the beauty of what it has inside. The Center Suites does its best to reach its goal of providing a meeting for luxury and budget. Truly holding the nature of a budget hotel in Cebu, this Pension house does its best to show that simplicity is indeed beauty.
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