The Center Suites Rooms

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Here’s a preview of our rooms here in the Center Suites. For those who want a simple room with not too many frills, our minimalist rooms will definitely interest you with its modern feel and despite it being minimalist, one can still enjoy that warm cozy feeling of being at home when experiencing the environment as a whole.

Each room is specially designed to fit the needs of a traveler or a visitor looking for a comfortable room to stay in for the night or longer. With all the most important things one would look for in an Inn, Hotel, or Pension House, The Center Suites really fills the needs of the guests. One won’t have to worry about strong white lights as each room is designed with special lighting arrangement to fit the visual comfort of the guests.

For the safety and the security of the guests, we have also provided a side table with a drawer and lock so you can secure your valuables if you’re not comfortable with leaving it on the bed. We also provide a study desk and chair so one can go through his work or business comfortably without having to leave the premises of the room.

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